Photos of the opening of the nocturnal house have now been added to Chapter 5. It was an auspicious event, with Governor General Sir Paul Reeves and Lady Reeves in attendance and more than a little kiwi-hugging taking place.

To find out about Nga Manu’s grand public opening, how the Trust got its big break (a chance to go free-hold), and how to build a nocturnal house, read Chapter Five as it progresses.

The Nga Manu History has had a restructure. Now, all the chapters sit under the page “Nga Manu History Book“.

As chapters are added they will appear on this page, and also on the right-hand side-bar.

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As the fascinating story of Nga Manu continues, find out about the mystery of the greenfinches, and how Ruth McKenzie’s nailpolish ultimately enables Peter to outsmart these persistent little feathered interlopers.

See Chapter 4 “Filling the Ark“.

Photo: Though innocent-looking enough, a greenfinch can play havoc with a person’s bird-seed supplies!

As Chapter 3 progresses, find out how an unfortunate encounter with a chainsaw leads Peter to a serendipitous encounter with a leading New Zealand botanist – one that was to result in an enduring relationship with Nga Manu. Also read about the other key figures who shaped and supported the fledgling sanctuary in its initial critical stages.  And, learn about the surprising bird-attracting powers of the unassuming tree lucerne, and its important role in the regeneration of Nga Manu.

Photo: Sir Charles Fleming bird-watching at “the lagoon” (Waikanae?) (Permission of the Alexander Turnbull Library must be obtained before any re-use of this image, ref. 87-208-399-01)

Chapter 3 has begun! With the lease secured, work on the site begins in earnest. Read this chapter to find out about how to plan after the work is done (and amaze your local councillors in the process), what doorless planes are good for (apart from parachuting), and who said “What a bloody mess!” and what they said it about…

Photo: Aerial shot of the newly excavated ponds and the surrounding bush remnant.

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